About Us

Purple Serpent Stitchery started as something I did on the side for people, but didn’t take very seriously. Over the years I have received commissions for various things from knit hats, to quilts, corsets, wigs, dance costume repair, and everything in between. I charged for these intermittent requests and occasionally would post items I made just as the fancy struck me online: sometimes via Etsy, sometimes through Facebook, and generally by word of mouth.

Amethyst Dawn the fusion belly dancer, though I don’t perform much anymore.
Amethyst Dawn the cosplayer, Aphrodite for Greek Mythology at DragonCon, 2017. Photo by DrWoots on Flickr.

I enjoy the feel and the energy of a handcrafted item. I like knowing that what I am doing has my energy in it and the hard work with love behind it that you just cannot get from mass produced items. There’s the ability to customize the item and make it completely your own. I started this as an alterations company originally, just under my name, back in 2001. There as a side-gig from teaching dance full time, I did alterations on dance clothes and shoes. Repairing items, making them fit better, doing the work on recital costumes that busy parents do not have time to do. I continue to do that today. I then moved into adding fiber arts to my repertoire and many holidays I had request for hats, mittens, scarves, leg warmers… lap-afghans.

The name comes from a morph of a stage name I have used over the years: Amethyst, or alternatively, Amethyst Dawn. I do fusion belly dance under that stage name and I cosplay under that stage name. It is one of my favorite shades of purple, and purple is my favorite color. Amethysts are my favorite stone, so it just made sense. But Amethyst Serpent Stitchery just didn’t… feel right. The Serpent portion is related to my love of reptiles, particularly snakes. My logo was inspired by the first snake I have had the opportunity to own without any hindrance from family or roommates: my western hognose snake, Herbert. That, and I’m in house Slytherin.

Herbert, being adorable.

But back to business… There are several sections to the online store that you will find:

  1. The first is a list of my alterations pricing. Unless you plan to ship the item to me, this will likely only be available to Wisconsin residents that are able to get the item to me. I don’t have that up to purchase online as the complexity can vary and I require that you contact me for quotes on those items.
  2. Second is my custom corsets. I may occasionally have ready-made items available on that page, but mostly it is custom order and details of what you need to provide for information will be listed in the item.
  3. Thirdly is my description of commission and other custom items that I am available to take. Since all of that work is custom I do generally lay out an explanation of time vs materials. There will be some photos of things I have made in the past to give you an idea of what I can do.
  4. Fourth is pre-made new items. These are things I made in batches because I felt like it and am offering them up for sale. I never know what is going to be there next, so I do suggest keeping an eye on the blog for availability.
  5. Fifth is Pre-worn items. These are things I made in the past, used a handful of times, cleaned thoroughly, and am offering up for sale. They are generally one-of-a-kind items, but good for examples of things I can make if you want something similar.

Shipping is generally flat rate set unless otherwise specified in the item description. Large wigs and over-sized items will need to be shipped differently and will have to get a quote, so contact me on any of those items.

I want you to be satisfied with what you get from me, so if you like my work, share me. If you don’t, contact me and I will make every reasonable effort to fix the issue. My success or failure depends on my customers, even if this is hobby of mine. I do it with love and I want to do it correctly. I am not currently on Facebook as I have been moving away from that platform for personal reasons for quite some time, but you can find me on Instagram. Amethyst_Dawn is where you will find pictures of my convention life and of my animals. Purple_Serpent_Stitchery where you will find updates for this site. Enjoy!