Made to Measure Corsets Added

Well, this seems to have taken me long enough, but sometimes life gets in the way. Then again, learning to manage this website has been a process as well. It seems to be far more complicated than I thought it was going to be. That being said, three of my favorite items to create have been added to the store today. I named them after what inspiration struck while I was creating them.

Pamela, my Victorian inspired demi-overbust corset. I created it when I was making my first Poison Ivy costume and I have worked that corset so hard over the years, and that pattern. It is so durable and like Poison Ivy, Miss Pamela Lillian Isley, it doesn’t give up.

Marjorie, my waist cincher, which is almost like a Frankenstein’s monster of beauty. I love the pattern, but fell in love with a fabric that I had just a hair too little of, and was far too thick to grommet properly. However I am too stubborn to give up on. Like Miss Marjorie Harvey of Agatha Christie’s “The Hollow”, which strangely enough, I had been rereading at the time I was making that, and had had the honor of playing that character in a stage production myself at one time, was just going to have it her own way.

Marie, the Rococo styled stays. A bit modern, a bit classic… completely beautiful and comfortable and a beast at the same time. That was a task I could not be more proud of when I started it, completed it, and realized it was far more comfortable than I could imagine once I had it on. Now if I could just drop the weight I put on so I could wear it a few more times.

I have an underbust that shall make an appearance in another week or so. And a few others. But this is what i have for now. Go to the store, see the photos from my personal collection, and before Christmas I hope to have some rack-ready purchasable corsets available in the most common sizes.

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