Rebranding and Moving Forward

I have been doing this for a long time, it seems. I was doing alterations and taking sewing commissions for close to 20 years now. First under my legal name, then under my cosplay name, then under a rather cutesy name based on my cosplayer stage name… and now I land here. Rebranding has been… an exercise in exhaustion. There was a lot more involved in this than I think I was initially prepared for. However, in the long run, this will be better.

I don’t want to limit myself. Already too many people refer to my sewing only as my “costuming” business. I don’t want to be limited to costuming and cosplay supplies. right now that is a big thing but I don’t know how long that boom will last. Also, that is not where I started. I started by altering dance costumes, tacking tutus, helping sew ribbons on pointe shoes before recitals… I hemmed pants and skirts for coworkers, did alterations on their daughters’ prom dresses…

But cosplay took forefront after my being so heavily involved in it for so many years I cannot blame everyone for assuming that will be where my focus lies.

I have the site mostly functioning now. I have to test my forms, get products up, and that should be another week or so. Then I can return my energy to what I prefer to do: create.

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